How To Use TikTok On Android


TikTok has been rated as the fastest growing video sharing community. With the latest TikTok Android app you will be able to not only create amazing videos but also impress your friends while at it.

Major Highlights include:

  • Ability to select any track from the millions that are available or use your music library.
  • Create lip sync videos using the app and use cool effects.
  • Share your brilliant work with the rest of the world using social media platforms

How to Use TikTok on Android?

The first step will be installing the app, to do so we will be using the Android play store, launch it from your app list and click on search. Type TikTok and it should automatically appear on top, click on it and head over to the install button. Depending on your bandwidth this should only take a few seconds as the app is a mere 40 megabits in size.

On successful installation launch it. This should bring a series of permission requests, grant each accordingly. The app will launch the welcome screen with both the signup and login options if you already have an account click login otherwise proceed to sign up. The signup option offers you a couple of choices such as use phone number, email address or use Facebook.

On completing the login, the app launches and brings up two tabs: the lower and the upper one. On the top tab, you have: the “featured” menu in the center and “for you” on the right while “follow” menu screen is on the left.

The “featured” screen offers a list of trending videos with Auto-play option. On the right-hand panel, we have the like button (heart shaped), the comments button and additional controls menu (three dots icon), on clicking it you have various options such as:

  • Ask a question: use this to request a Q&A video from the current muser by asking them to do something or just a general question.
  • Send via use this option to send the video to your friends.
  • Share via: use this to share the video via Facebook, Instagram or other share options such as WhatsApp. It’s important to note that with this option you can share an HTTP link or you can choose “copy” this saves the video locally allowing you to share it later.
  • Report abuse: use this to report any cases of sex or violence, spam or other cases of abuse.

Clicking on “for you” menu brings up a list of videos that are based o your previous likes and posts. This menu also has an additional button on its menu; the owl icon brings up the musers profile with options such a follow and also their stats and block or mute options.

On clicking on the “follow” menu, you access a list of people you are following and their videos. This has options such as search and managing the list.

On the lower tab, you have the add button, the search button, notifications button and your profile button.

The add button: this has the option to create a lip sync video using either: pick music option, shoot first or from the gallery. The pick music option gives you the choice of either selecting a local music file or use one from the internet. The shoot first launches your video recorder while the from library option allows you to pick a video from your gallery or you can also use a photo slideshow.

The app allows you to change recording mode to either fast, regular, slow-motion mode, time lapse or epic mode. Feel free to experiment with each until you find one that suits your video. On completing you have the option to save the video, this will automatically upload it online.

It’s important to note that by clicking on the profile option will bring up the profile menu and with it the settings icon on the top left corner. You can use the settings menu to adjust options such as quality of videos, region, push notifications and auto play options. Also, you can easily manage your profiles privacy options and location options. So, go ahead and download the Android TikTok app from play store and have fun creating awesome videos.

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