Top 5 TikTok Tips For Beginners

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Top 5 TikTok Tips for Beginners

Here are the top 5 tips for beginners…

1. Capture your funs

With TikTok you can capture your Tiktok followers and fans in an easy way by streaming and ensuring you have followers coming your way. Once online click on those you are following , this will help you to stay in the lead

2. Filming

You may need to take video shoot outs with your phone, simply click on the “Shoot first” button and avail the information. Its up to you to choose what you would want to film.

3. Doing the video with others

Where as you can do filming by your self , you can have the video capture with your friends, no need to do it alone. Your friends can also be included in the TikTok. All that is needed is to press the shoot button , however they don’t also have to be in the same room as you are , however the data can be captured as if it all took place at the same place.

That means you can do a shooting with that favourite star of yours without you necessarily being present

4. Add effects to your video

You can add cool effects to your video(s), to give it a more interesting watch. There are a number of apps one can use, we will focus on the “video star” app. Open it up and click on “send to camera roll” This will automatically send your video to your store and can be shared with others when your TikTok account is opened

5. Edit it

It takes quite some work to have that video shot and editing it to what people out there will see. There are lots on songs, pick a song that you can sing along with.

The choice is yours on what you want to film and what you may need to leave out.

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